Christmas 2014

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Radio station ratings and On-Star

While my thoughts are not completely random, the following is a bit off-topic.

My 2007 GMC truck came with On-Star;  Great service.  But I’ve stopped my subscription for now because I don’t drive much, and it’s just another expense I could do without.

My thought is that the radio receiver in my vehicle could collect the data about what station it was tuned to, and for how long; then, during the periodic (monthly?) upload to On-Star about vehicle data (tire pressure, mileage, oil change status, etc.) this “radio log” could be sent in and SOLD to the companies that collect this kind of data (Nielson?).  Although the sample wouldn’t be “random” (it would only come from drivers of On-Star vehicles), I would think it would be valuable.

It would be nice if this could help subsidize the On-star costs… vs. going to corporate profits.

AND of course there is the big-brother aspect of this (hey, don’t forget that On-star cars have a built-in GPS… they know where you are!)

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